A mostly Mexican (but includes the occasional confused white kid) street gang based in Northern California. Although this is a predominately Mexican gang, most members tend to act like African Americans or Afrikano's like they call them when they actually try to sound like a real Mexican. The only time a Northerner ever acts like a real Mexican is when they are talking to white people.

History: The California prison system was once home to one Mexican gang called La Eme of which most incarcerated Mexican were involved in. Then one Mexican from Northern California stole a pair of Converse from a Southern Mexican causing the gand to split into 2 factions... the Nortenos and the Surenos.

"Man that Mexican sure acts like a n*gger!"

"Oh, he must be a Norteno."
by xxpure_evilxx October 19, 2008
Americanized mexicans who live mainly in Northern California who may be able to write in spanish but can barely speak it, rivals of the surenos who hail from southern california. Requirements include denying your cultural background and submitting towards african american pop culture because it is popular at the time, yet they dont know that Black americans just associate with Nortenos to have sexual relations with their women regardless of the fairy tale told in jail about a "Truce" between the Nuestra Familia(Norteno Mafia) and Black Guerilla Family.
Jose: Yo wassup NIgga
Carlos: hey Chuy, whats up with Jose?
Chuy: He joined the nortenos gang so he thinks he's black now.

by NegroClaro June 13, 2007
worthless chicano'z who wan't to hang wit da blue and can't cuz they are shit
da wold would be a better place without them, this is what i say and every other x3 soldier, BLAST THEM PUTOS!
by Baldemar mota December 09, 2003
Decendents of the Pachucos who split up and became scraps and busters aka(surrenos & nortenos) and have become rivals. which means nortenos and scraps are like brothers who fight. Who think FRESNO BULLDOG$ are wanna be nortenos and x-surrenos, but actually nortenos used to be scraps. BULLDOGS ARE ALL BORN AND RAISED IN FRESNO.
Hey AugDog. Whats up D-BO? Lets kill that faggot ass norteno.
Look at that scrap ass norteno.
Fuck pachucos aka nortenos and surrenos
by big AugDog January 13, 2009

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