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2 definitions by Papi83

The term ''Upstate Sureño'' is used to describe a Chicano gang member that bangs Sur 13 in Northern territory. They generally live in areas outside of the Southern California within California itself. In other words, they reside in Central, or Nothern California. They believe they are superior to Norteños(their rivals) & feel as though they are taking over thier turfs.
Sureño from Los Angeles: Ey ese, where you from?

Sureño from Fresno: I'm from Fresno ese.

Sureño from Los Angeles: Chales, you're an Upstate Sureño, que no?

Sureño from Fresno: Simon ese. Fuck Chapetes.
by Papi83 July 22, 2011
A ''Downstate Norteño'' is a term describing a chicano gang member that bangs Norte 14 in Southern California. The term became popular as more Norteños from Northern & Central California began moving to Southern Cali. They are much superior than Sureños(their rivals). Their signature color is RED, contrast to the color of their Sureño enemies whom wear BLUE as a color. Downstate Norteños are affiliated with NF(Nuestra Familia)prison gang. Rumor has it that the Sureños are nothing but pussies & are afraid of the Norteños that live in Southern California. I takes alot of courage for a Norteño to move down south since its considered Sureño territory. Mr. Criminal from Hi Power Entertainment got shot by Norteño from Silver Lake a few months ago. Downstate Norteños are true gangsters!
Norteño from Salinas: Ey Ene, where you from?

Donwstate Norteño from Hollywood: I'm a Downstate Ridah Ene, im from SoCal, Hollywood to be exact.

Norteño from Salinas: Damn Ene, thats gangster, so you go hard in L.A.

Downstate Norteño from Hollywood: Hell yea Ene, these surratas dont fuck with me. I'll lay 14 bullets to their chest.

Norteño from Salinas: Simon carnal, puro Norte!!

Downstate Norteño from Hollywood: Asi mero!!!!
by Papi83 July 25, 2011