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Chalino Sanchez was a Mexican singer who gained popularity in California in the early 1990's for his controversial lyrics. He is considered the father of 'corridos'(music genre) and his career has inspired others to follow his legacy. His life is similar to that of the late Tupac Shakur in many aspects. As Tupac, Chalino was also shot prior to his death and they are both considered icons of their music genre. His music is very popular between the Mexican-American culture and various tributes have emerged after his death. He is also known for been the father of the late Adan Sanchez which was also another young corrido singer who died in 2004. RIP Chalino S.& Adan S.
Rafa: Hey loco, put the song Nieves de Enero
Juan: Simon, Chalino Sanchez is the man.
by StOiC July 15, 2006

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