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An individual who settles for social standards, and disregards seeking change for his or herself.
An example of a NORMALIST would be Someone who constantly listens to the media, or someone who is conform with dressing according to whats in-style.
by Julian Rosario March 02, 2009

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a nice enough person, difficult to be mean to because its someone you dont notice. its the girl at the back of the class with mousey brown hair in a low down ponytail, indigo denim bootcut jean, and a sweat shirt with a logo on it. never has anything interesting to say.
dont know of any examples coz they never get themselves noticed but you know who they are
by aislinn March 27, 2005
the most normal and prettiest...is the coolest one in the group...
c'mon faith...your the normalist one there...gosh...
by devon November 01, 2004