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crazy person, usually male, as a rule cannot type ot text without making large, frequent mistakes, which subsequently become the object of ridicule in his social circle. The term was coined because of a mistake involving nober being written as noper.
"you fucking noper" to show contempt at a foolish behaviour or just to remind the noper that he is a noper
by Rhiannon and Lukey April 17, 2008
30 9
an awesome way to say no
Did you go to the movie premiere?
Noperz noperz nopers
by yepperzman April 09, 2009
15 4
no, the oppisite of yeppers, the oppisite of yes, refusal
would you like to purchase the extended warranty plan ? "answer" would be "nopers" , no.
21 10
opposite of yeppers and in every way better than Kaylee's word
Announcer: your word is nopers
Girl: can u use it in a sentence?
Announcer: nopers
by Todd Paige October 12, 2008
5 1
Adjective defining a person who does not demonstrate an obvious personality. Or a very boring individual.

Noper- No(personality)
A butter face is someone who has a nice body but her face is unattractive a noper is someone who can be good looking but is dull and lame to be around or in other words lacks a personalty.
by Kevin Tetreault July 08, 2007
6 5
Means Nope.. specially if the person looking at this is Kristen.
Nopers.. you are wrong.
by ndhunter71 April 10, 2006
7 8