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Noun: A moped that doesn't go.
My moped is buggered - it's a noped.
by Fishyrichy April 28, 2015
A moped without pedals
Holy fuck, you must a really boring person if you looked up the word noped!
by Charles Barkley April 26, 2004
To excuse oneself from a situation you'd rather not be in.
He noticed the huge spider scuttling from under the sofa and quickly noped out of the room.

Guy in room: "I am noping the fuck outta here."
by RichB93 September 16, 2014
noping; to nope
When a guy prematurely makes it clear that he has no sexual interest in a woman, thereby saving himself from the possibility of rejection.
Jane smiled at the guy as she walked past him. He grimaced and looked away.

Jane has been noped.
by JB933 March 18, 2014
Nopeds noh-peds
1. To be sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one's hopes or expectations.
Used singularly, in conjuction with the shaking of head and the sound 'tsk tsk tsk"
"Did you know The President is having an affair?"
"Really? Nopeds"
by howwonderfoo October 27, 2013
Something bad, annoying, boring, unwanted, or funny to everyone but the person it happens to.
I have been noped with doing homework.
We noped him with the bill.
by Mannster October 07, 2007
during racing if some one attempts to spin you out by hitting the side of your car.
"Hey that fucker just noped me!"
"nope him back"
by Jerimiah likes bullfrogs August 17, 2005

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