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A quick one off the wrist. Derived from a combination of jism and wrist. Not related to fisting.
I was supposed to be summarizing the document but instead I was in the bathroom gisting.
#jism #wrist #hand shandy #five finger shuffle #pecker
by Fishyrich October 17, 2011
Sex in a public place for the viewing pleasure of others; specifically in a motel lodge car park. Derived from a combination of "dogging" and "lodge".
Our favourite dogging venue was out of action so we resorted to lodging, using the nearby motel car park.
#dogging #public sex #swinging #voyeur #voyeurbitionist
by fishyrich February 27, 2012
A security protocol for IT systems. Normally written as FR-IBB/LE, this represents the highest level of physical and logical security and requires a rigorous assessment.
We have developed a new bank-grade system with Fribble security certification. It was essential to ensure it met the FR-IBB security standard with LE encryption otherwise it would not have been accepted.
#security #it #banking #hack #crack
by fishyrich February 27, 2012
Fukkem is what you say when you have decided that you don't care what anyone else thinks.
S: Have you bought Christmas presents for your colleagues yet?
R: Ah no, fukkem!
#fuck #fuckity #bollox #cock #arse #titwank #piss
by Fishyrich September 13, 2012
"coming out of the cupboard" is a term to decribe the act performed by claustrophile glory-hole fetishists.

The participant enters a cupboard and sticks his manhood through the glory hole for a happy ending.
Al: "I think a seagull just shat on me in the kitchen"
Jon: "No, that's just Roy, coming out of the cupboard. Do you see the glory hole drilled in it?"
#fetish #claustrophilia #glory hole #seagulling #manhood
by Fishyrich September 10, 2012
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