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A Fineeee ass gurl who has an AMAZING body. she sooo Fiiiiyne. Noora so Hot- you cant Touch thaaat.
Damn did you just see Noora walk by, She da bomb!
by jugldhri6 July 24, 2011
Noora is a person who oppresses and harm others through his actions and language. In other words its a synonymous term for bully.
Imran Khan, leader of Pakistani Political Party Tehreek-e-Insaaf and a former cricketer is a Noora, who once injured the head of a 15 years old boy with his bat, who came to pat him for his good performance during a cricket match at Karachi. He was aggressive as a captain use to abuse his players on the field for their mistakes.
by IamtheVoiceoftheVoiceless April 24, 2013
A nobody, who does not talk much. The Noora is most commonly found in Canada, near the western coast. This Noora believes itself to have flaws, but it is actually perfect.
Hey look at Noora get first class honors with distiction on her piano theary exam!
by Dieter Kahl June 10, 2008
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