Slang for a weapon in PlanetSide, the JackHammer, which is felt by all that don't use it; to be strongly unbalenced.

Non-JH User: you have no skill you just use the noobhammer
by Scythan August 17, 2003
1.) Noun. The bastardization of the word Jackhammer, a weapon from the game Planetside. Normally a term used by people who complain after being killed in a video game, also by people who cannot spell 'balanced.'
VS guy: OMFG this game is so unbalenced!!!!1! Every NC has one, how GAYHEY

Me: Just jump in your Magrider and go run over some people. That'll make you happy again.
by Manawski October 15, 2003
Derived from the Jackhammer, a triple barrel shotgun in the game that used to deal a massive amount of pwnage up close, as a triple barrel shotgun should.

It got nerfed into oblivion, now only newbtards that missed the patch notes and 1337 twitch kiddies keep using it.
OMFGWTFBBQ Noobhammer suxzor !!~TILDE!ONE
by SidVicious March 01, 2004
about to get nerfed into non-existance. :(
OMG N3rf teh no0bHammir!!11!

.... but wait it is not overpowered at all in comparisom to all the other weapons 0_o
by Eld January 02, 2004

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