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Oh my fucking god what the fuck barbecue. Self explanatory.
HAxOR34: omfgwtfbbq!
by PaNchoVi11a April 09, 2007
OMFGWTFBBQ is an acronym for Oh My Fucking God What The Fuck Bar-B-Que.
This acronym arose from the need to find a way to lengthen an already retardedly long acronym ("OMFGWTF"). Perhaps an internet-user found himself so aghast and bewildered at an event, OMFGWTF was simply not sufficient to articulate it. No one knows why Bar-B-Que was chosen. Presumably because it was already a well known acronym, and had absolutley nothing to do with OMFGWTF.
A similar treatment of extending lengthy acronyms with nonsense can be seen with ROFLMAOSTC.
"Stanley, your Mother and I... we're... well, we're getting a divorce."
by Thesam September 06, 2005
The OMFGWTFBBQ is held annual in the Orange County area of NY. Started by Stephen Papageorge in 2005, it is a gathering of friends who enjoy dungeon crawls, frisbees, fireworks, and excellent food.
Guy1: So did you go to eh 2nd annual OMFGWTFBBQ?
Guy2: Hell yeah! I think I broke that lawn chair!
by ParanoidArtemus March 25, 2007
An acronym showing surprise. It stands for Oh my god what the fuck be back quick. Sometimes seen as OMGWTFBBQ, OMGWTFBBS. (BBS is for Be Back Soon.)
1:Hey, you got banned from YouTube.
by Faybro July 28, 2009
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