Top Definition
The lack of anything
Nada, zip, devoid
by J S (SCi) January 09, 2003
Ebonics for NOTHING.
"What are you doin later"
by reger May 02, 2003
A word used instead of breasts or boobies! Created from a facebook extravaganza
She has nice nones
by LorrFace January 07, 2010
no, I don't want to
1st person) You think that girl is hot?
2nd person) Nones on her homie
by Jenna April 10, 2003
When used correctly, 'none' is a contraction of 'not one' and therefore takes the singular verb ending.
One of the fans has an autograph.
Not one of the fans has an autograph.
None of the fans has an autograph.

A lot of people would write 'none of the fans have an autograph'. They are WRONG and STUPID. Ignore any fuckers who think 'none' means 'not any'. Tell them to say 'nany' and to stop being so WRONG and STUPID.
by ammoneeah May 02, 2008
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