6 definitions by reger

An actual mob not to be mistaken for the bitch asses Ja Rule aka Stewart Little and Irv Gotti aka the Cheeseburglar
I wish the REAL Murder Inc would shoot those lame ass rappers tryin to be murder inc
by reger May 02, 2003
Ebonics for Ho Tell
"I gave my ex crabs and the HOTEL everyone"
by reger May 02, 2003
Ebonics for NOTHING.
"What are you doin later"
by reger May 02, 2003
this word has the same meaning and explanation as engrish, but this is used only by 1337 engrish masters, not for weakminded people. a major typo.
his english is horrible, its t3h engrsih
by reger January 09, 2006
Retard. see also window licker and sped
The kids on the short bus are napkin eaters
by reger May 01, 2003
Word used to agree with someone or something.
"Hey, we should go out and get blowed tonite" "HUUUUUUHHHH"
by reger May 01, 2003

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