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1.one without a home who moves around or travels freely without ties holding them back.

2.a constant or full-time traveler
As a nomad Mark has live in many exotic places such as, India, Peru, Fiji, and Nigeria.
by MJ De La Cruz April 15, 2009
1. Offensive slang for a homeless person; often paired with 'dirty' (ex. "you dirty nomad").
2. One who does not have a place within society, a group of friends, sports team etc... and as such, is prone to stealing, begging and imposing themselves in inappropriate places.
"Look at all the dirty nomads in the shelter"
"Why should I give that dirty nomad money, he's just going to spend it all on drugs and alcohol"
"Taylor is such a nomad, no one wants him here at all"
by 10 Schaffer January 04, 2011
rejects of their own neighborhood.
They have girlfriends; lets not invite them anywhere. Yeah lets make them the nomads of (enter town here).
by Nomadakis March 21, 2008
When someone asks you if your angry, and your feeling just fine.
"umad bro?"
"Nope, I'm no mad."
by A Nomad June 13, 2012
A small but growing style among teenagers, similar to emo, ecxept nomads prefer to keep their pain to themselves and do not care if they love, are loved, or have many friends.
"That new kid wont talk to anyone" "Yeah he's a nomad"
by BrandNewBoy June 14, 2010
A girl who moves from guy to guy using each one's abilities or money for her own personal gain. Considered to be a less intense form of RIBS.
OMG that girl is such a Nomad. I spent all night doing her homework and she barely acknowledged my existence.
by el doctrow November 11, 2010
a creepy traveling weed dealer
"Dude i think i saw a guy we can bye from."
(friends go back to see if he is still there)
"Dang, bro he left."
"He must have been a nomad"
by whiteboyswag2000 January 07, 2010