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Someone that is completely unemployed and spends their entire day complaining about it but not really putting much effort in looking for a job.
Friend: So, what did you do today?

Nojo: UGH. NOTHING! I facebook stalked ALL DAY because I'm just a nojo.
by KittyCatMeowww August 23, 2011
26 6
(Attributed to Adam Carolla) The opposite of mojo: when you can't seem to get anything right.
None of the bets I made today paid off; I blame my nojo.
by viovio June 28, 2012
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Eine Abwandlung von dem Wort "naja". Nojo kann sowohl als Zustimmung anerkannt werden, als auch als fluffiges naja.
<EaR|DuNe> der döner hier ist nur gut weil da so ordentlich tzatziki drauf is
<EaR|DuNe> da gibbet nich in berlin
<EaR|kenny> hmkay
<EaR|DuNe> dafür krieg ich in berlin auch 2 döner für den selben preis
<EaR|DuNe> nojo
<EaR|kenny> nojo
by lg October 29, 2004
2 15