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Clothing worn by emo kids.(see emo boy/girl) Typically this style consists of tight jeans (guys usually will wear female jeans), black band t-shirts in a youth large or adult small, a zip up hoodie, and converse allstars with their graffiti all over them. They will usually wear a belt with pyramid studs, or a flashy belt buckle to set it all off.
Wow, Wil's emo clothes are effin hot!
by Arine December 02, 2004
stupid nonsence clothes worn by pitiful, wanna-be-goth-but-get-kicked-out-of-hot topic, depressed because their life sucks hardcore (as in they cant get laid or their girlfriend dumped their pansy asses).
wtf. he is such a whiney little bastard. look at what he's wearing.
by Allycia November 07, 2004
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