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1. Turkish street food similar to a gyro found all over Germany, France, and Italy, which usually contains meat shavings from a giant rotisserie along with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and special dressings wrapped up in a thick pita.

2. The sensation that occurs when one discovers a döner after starving for many days in Europe due to overpriced tourist food. This sensation usually leads to an erection for males and is thus a portmanteau of boner and döner.
1. Oh my god, I could go for a döner right now.

2. I think I just got a döner.
by Zebulon Pike June 30, 2006
A dick with a Boner; also used to describe people that are dicks and sluts
Dylan isssuch a doner
by _supreme_ February 09, 2015
A donut induced boner. A rock hard woody you get after eating a donut, having an indecent thought about a donut, or after looking at pictures of donuts.
Hey bro! I better not eat this donut because I don't wanna get a doner in front of everyone!

I better go to the hospital because it's been 18 hours since I first got this DONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Bradley Bonersack February 03, 2011
n: the result of getting aroused while watching two dogs humping.
Dave: Dude, your dogs are really going at it!!!
Tom: Yeah, it's pretty awesome!!!
Dave: Dude, that's weird. Do you have a doner right now?
Tom: Uh.... I have to go.
by JustStoppingBy November 28, 2009
noun: An erection (boner) caused by dance floor arousal. The female proceeds to grind her booty on the genital area of of the man which causes stimulating friction, thus inducing a boner. Doners are an awkward situation for both parties involved and can be reduced by wearing compression shorts or staying off the dance floor. In layman's terms, a doner is a dance boner.
Dude, i totally got a doner while i was dancing with that dime piece. She noticed it too because she punched me when she felt it.
by profreshional productions December 06, 2010
When a male inserts his penis between two hotdog buns and offers his meat to a female for a tasty refreshment. The female grabs the said hot dog and is delightfully surprised by a huge raging cock. One who executes this act is known as a "Donemeister"
"Sally asked me for her steak to be medium, but I gave her a rare doner instead."
by WillieJ November 15, 2007
an attractive female that one may wish to pursue for relations
friend1 - "check out that doner"
friend2 - "I'd hit that"
by James Kernohan April 20, 2007
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