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A word that has no real meaning, and is used by a select few to throw other people into chaotic confusion.
Me: Wtf Nobis!

by Confused Nobis April 18, 2010
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1) A smaller youth in a group of friends, who will run errands in exchange for cigarettes and marijuana.
2) The youth who gets picked on constantly for his short-comings as a male.
3) A young adult male who is afraid of the opposite sex.
1) Why are you here, nobis?
2) Suck my dick nobis.
3) fine, i'll give you 3 smokes nobis.
4) Nobis! you've never even kissed a girl?
by Shit Krew January 15, 2008
The bisexual equivalent to "no homo," used in rare cases.
"Johnny, Judy, you both look so irresistibly delectable in those outfits! No bi, hehehe."
by JohnnyLurg February 10, 2012
Relating to a joke my friend and I had. There was a picture of a graduating student that looked like a witch and her last name is Nobis. So we would frequently say her name and laugh, or point at the picture and laugh.
ex. Me: "Nobis." My friend: "HAHAHA."
by Michelle November 09, 2004

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