A Noah is the only thing that is better than a Drew or a Mitchell. Also, he is really really cool and anyone who knows him is automaticcally at least a little bit cooler.
Mitchell and Drew are pretty cool but, Noah is way cooler!
by Ndog1513 June 27, 2011
whenever someone enunciates the word no in attempt to strees a point?

- no(uhh)
"wanna come over for some sex and pizza?"

by Peg Leg Pete October 15, 2007
He has brown hair and brown eyes, and may not be cute to some people but is very cute to some. Noah has his days where he just wants to hit something, and just takes his anger out on everyone. He also has his days where he is the nicest guy in the world, and makes you feel like he really does love you... You may feel like he's really mean, but he has feelings like everyone else. His life isn't going very well, and i just wish that i could make it better for him. He is very hard working, and can make you smile by doing anything. When he sends goodnight!:) text messages you melt.. He doesn't ever put many smiley faces, so when he does, you are the happiest girl in the world. Sometimes you wish he would jus stop going for all of the wrong girls and go for you. He might be your ex boyfriend, like he was mine, and you just can't get over him. He's just so amazing and he can piss you off and make you want to cry 24/7 because you miss him so much, and you just ache for the day he's going to ask you out again. When your sad, he tries to be nice to you, and when he screws up he does everything he can to make you believe him. I love him so much. I hope we date again someday.. I miss him
"More guys should act like Noah."
by Maddie H April 07, 2012
A fucking gorgeous man with amazing talent who gets a ton of ass. He also has an amazing ass and huge penis. He's just an awesome all around person.
Girl 1: I had sex last night.
Girl 2: With?
Girl 1: I don't know his name, but he was such a Noah.
Girl 2: Really? How big was his penis?
Girl 1: 4 Feet.
by JeweyJeweyJew May 25, 2011
Noah is a great singer. He can play piano, guitar, drums, bass, saxaphone, violin, cello, harp, bagpipes, and just about anything he has ever touched. He is smart, tall, athletic, brown/blonde awesome hair, beautiful smile, and very good-looking. Likes girls but is into music more. He never notices when girls show interest in him. Noah is the most amazing person in the world. I love him.
Girl: Did you see Noah the other day?
Other Girl: No.

Girl: He sang at the banquet. It was beautiful!

Boy: Hey man. Did you go up to the game the other night?
Other boy: Yeah man. Did you see Noah truck that guy!?
Boy: Sure did. That kids awesome.

That amazingly talented singer, athlete. Must be a Noah.
by KrissyLovesUXxSmoochie February 22, 2011
a guy that is extremely hot and loves dateing blondes. girls want him but he rejects those he likes knowing his heart could be broken. Noah is a lax bro and rocks them nike air maxs and high nike black socks. he is a typical lax bro but non lax bros like him to. Noah uses all the lax bro terms and is a rich kid. overall noah is a chill guy.
dude:yo did u see noah

girl:ahhh what a hot lax bro
by dictinonarydude June 06, 2011
a name that is so awesome anybody would think is really awesome a if you know somebody named noah then go up to them and say you are awesome
dude 1: there is a new kid named noah
dude 2: really is he cool
dude 1: heck yeah he is so awesome he has his own body guards
by awesomeman24 October 07, 2011
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