That one kid you never noticed was so sweet, funny and insanely attractive until he turned 16. He always knows how to make others smile, and how to party like nobody else! He can freestyle for laughs, brightly smile at anything and have you always wanting to be with him. He doesn't realize how cute he really is, or how girls fall for him left and right. Not wanting drama or attention, he can always come off as adorably mysterious.

Kind, faithful, unbelievably hilarious and tends to have a vibe that he is a contribution to make the world seem like a better place.
"Ah! He's so cute! Do you think I have a chance?"
"Totally! But get in line honey, there's a ton of other girls who want him too!"
"Then why doesn't he have a girlfriend?!"
"He just doesn't know how amazing he is."
"He's such a Noah!"
by well that's high school for ya October 08, 2011
A smart boy. He is a real charmer and is really good with music. Despite his intelligence, he likes to rebel and see what he can get away with. He is generally likable, even though he can be a total douche.
Wow, he is really charming! Is that Noah?
by locketRaven August 04, 2011
Noah is the most entertaining person you'll ever meet. He has that perverted and sarcastic hilarious humor. He is sweet and romantic when he needs to be. You can count on him to make you feel better at any moment. He is definitely the smartest person. He knows the answer to all your questions. He has multiple talents that will continue to amaze you. He is the music genius. And not to mention he is hot, ATTRACTIVE,and gorgeous! Any girl who rejects him will definitely regret it later when they see how awesome he is! Any girl dating him is the luckiest girl in the world!
Girl 1: What are you looking at?
Girl 2: I'm looking at Noah...why did I say no?! He is so gorgeous and funny and ahhh!
Girl 1: Ya, he is so amazing! I'm so lucky! *runs over towards Noah and kisses him*
by Nessa;) June 07, 2013
Pretty much synonymous with "hopeless romantic", a Noah is any man who will fall head-over-heels in love. May have some Montague blood, since this guy has to be related to Romeo somehow, Noah will sing to you in both English and Spanish, and is a hell of a good kisser. Noah also leans towards the poetic side, so expect some love letters from him. If you have a Noah in your life, don't let him go, and if he gets up the courage to ask you out, you'd be well-advised to say "I do" and not "adieu".
by Miss Maple (aka Coati) January 20, 2012
The nicest person you'll ever meet,he has the prettiest blue eyes and is great at what he does.No more words can describe how amazing he is.
person 1:"Isn't Noah the sweetest person you've met?"
person 2:"Why yes he is!"
by Scarecrow-chanicus June 25, 2011
The kind of boy who stays by your side when your feeling sick. The kind of boy that will make sure you are okay when you fall. He'll try to be with you when he can. He can be a little angry be when he sees the girl he acts all happy. And he has brown hair it's kinda long but cute. When his being mean and someone tells him that ther going to tell his girl that his being mean he says please don't I'll do any thing just please don't tell her. He does not like when people make fun of him and his girl. He can be a little dumm but a cute dumm
Boy: Hey your girl is fat and ugly
Noah: Stut the f*ck up
Boy: Fine Noah I was just joking
Noah: f*ck off
by His girl #3 April 24, 2011
a person, man or woman, noahs are very nice and make great friends. noahs are brave and speak their mind and they make great friends
noah is awesome <3<3<3<3
by riffehunter December 07, 2011
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