An Internet term mainly used on message boards that is substituted for "No, not really."
Bing: I sprained my ankle, again.
Star: Does it hurt right now?
Bing: nonotrly
by Star Lane December 23, 2005
Top Definition
The final in the:
O Rly, Ya Rly, No Wai sequence.
"I squished a spider"
"O Rly?"
"Ya Rly"
"No Wai"
"No Not Rly"
by Mr.Eggels February 16, 2006
1/2 Chatspeak,1/2 sarcasm.
This phrase is often used when someone makes a dumb comment of disbelief to a statement.
Bob:I..I have STDS.
Joe:O RLY????!!!!!!!
Bob:<sarcasm>No not rly.</sarcasm> OF COURSE I DO,YOU ASS! YOU GAVE IT TO ME!
by Renni September 25, 2006

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