When you spend so much time on Urban Dictionary that when you click the "random" button you have already seen the definition.
If you are reading this, you probably have no life.
by Cujo Schultz February 09, 2011
When someone refers to their life as non-existant.
Hi I'm Loraine. Call me "Big Dave" or "BIG LJ". I Have no life. I sit in for weeks trying to fix a CSS file because I'm such a retard. YEA
by WelllThisSucks November 20, 2011
No Life -Pronoun
1. A person who has no life. (Social)
2. A geek or nerd who wastes their lives infront of a computer.
3. A loser/nerd/geek.
1. "What did you do this weekend."
"I just coded some drives for my mouse!"
3. "You fucking no life"
by PandaNgo October 13, 2007
A no life person is someone who usually has very little contact with other people, and so will rather spend their time doing things that only negatively effect their lives.

People with no life usually enjoy playing MMORPGs, Video Games.

People with no life usually enjoy the computer, video games.

And dislike, social contact, physical excersize.

Unlike nerds and geeks, no lifes actually PREFER to waste their time on unuseful things, unlike nerds who are socially akward but want to have friends.
Friends 1: Hey look at Kyle, the kid has no life, hes been inside the house for about 3 weeks now.

Friend 2: Fuck him, lets go play basketball.
by IAMABEE April 08, 2012
the thing that someone has that is looking up this word on this site.
you have no life because you are here.
A person who does not know how to put down the game console remote except for when food is being served. often is reconized as a person wearing a halo 3 shirt or can say things such as " M 1911,TRIGGER FINGER,LAG, FUCKEN COOLERO HAS A MODED REMOTE OR CONSOLE(button that shoots fast for your fat ass).this person often has very high grades or very low grades .WARNING IF YOU SEE ONE CONTACT ME IMMEDIETLY SO THAT I MAY HUMILLIATE THEM
YOURSELF FOR LOOKING UP NO LIFE so put the remote down and go get me my juice box JUICE BOX BOY!( your new nickname no life)
by herculesdivad March 11, 2010

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