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(v) Meaning to succeed at a test without trying.
Bro, I totally Nitished that test last night and I got a 100%.
by Qwik Qwok ting tong May 16, 2011
adj; meaning cute, good-looking, smart, funny, and the best person in the world

n; someone who loves kathy
That boy is so nitish.
Nitish is the best boyfriend ever.
by mmmnitish April 06, 2004
the best graphic designer around!

top class web developer! Nitish is the new word for AWESOME!
Man, i totally found a Nitish for this design!
Dude, that is SOOOO NITISH!
by GAWD101 June 18, 2011
The act of eating a curry while being given a handjob in and around the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
Dude I just got nitished. Shit was amazing.
by Dr. von Cockblock October 27, 2012
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