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A girl with curly hair and a precious smile. Hates being lied to. Loves honesty. She is waiting for the right guy to settle down with and may seem bossy but when you get to know the real her she's not.She's the girl everybody wants. She loves smiling,if you get her to smile your lucky cause she won't forget about you :) She's not easy to get you better come hard. She loves sneakers and her favorite color would be pink,blue and purple. she's damn sexy
OMG I want a Nissy
by Adrianni :) December 04, 2015
An action or behavior found rude, or annoying.
"The troll got all nissy with me so I banned him."
by Bronynonymous July 29, 2012
Of or Pertaning to the ghettoist gangsta G' in this side of {Ashland}

Example: Nissy is so ghetto,
Her living room IS her kitchen =]

Q: Nissy, What are you doing today?
Nissy, is my ghetto g.
by Lizzuke June 01, 2006
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