A Physics teacher who doesnt teach at all. He gives you quizes on stuff we dont even go over. He Busts his head open on wooden cabinets and he also grades homework for accuracy when we dont know how to do it. Slit your hand open again nissen. again.
Nissen is a fagtron
by Deke November 25, 2003
Top Definition
Squat and square in appearance, this unfriendly and ugly person is famous/hated for boasting, doing it at Tonbridge Castle and getting smashed every night.
Hangs out with Formans and Laphams.
Thesaurus:nm. Traitor, junkie, hobo and scrote.
A- My god! I'm gonna be sick- it's Nissen.

B- Is it a breeze block, is it a vending machine? NO, it's Nissen!
by avenger of the idiots February 12, 2005
A Big or "Fat" person, who is usaually stupid, ugly, very rude, obnoxious, disgusting and weird.
Man that kid is such a Nissen, no wonder he can't keep a girlfriend.
by MyNameIs... December 13, 2007
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