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The racing/track division of Nissan, known for building cars that destroy everything on the track.
Silvia S15, Skyline R34 GTR. Fairlady Z, Z Roadster (Old datsuns) Maxima (woot) SE-R SpecV to name a few.
by 5 speed 95se max August 14, 2003
nissan motorsports=nismo.
honda motorsports=homo?
i have a nismo tuned 400r in grand turismo 4. i beat some guys on the sunday cup. that was hard shit man!
by bukowskimouski January 04, 2006
Nissan Motorsports International
How much did oil cap cost you, yo?

$279. I got it from Nismo!
by §tev0n March 15, 2005
Nissan Motorsports
nismo is da bomb yo
by phil July 18, 2003
Nismo used to be a combination or the following words: Nis- is for Nissan, -ism is for belief, and the red "O" is the red sun on the japanese flag... so basically it's Nissan's Belief in the red sun... they once said that the Nismo vehicles are only to be the top of the line remade vehicles from Nissan/DAT Motorsports to represent the all mighty sun god that they place amoung their nation's flag, and only those worthy of the true Nismo title gets the badge GT-R... but after a long while, people started to think that the idea was just too cheesy so they simply remarked Nismo to simply be Nissan Motors...
I am proud that I drive a Nismo car...
by NeoHM95 September 17, 2006
Technically superior blend of design and road holding capabilities known to most as the Skyline. To others it is simply Nissan Motorsports.
Wow, look at that G35 completely stock car destroy everyone on the track. He has the Nismo yo.
by inline4 January 07, 2005
A sticker widely seen on the back of ridiculous looking cars everywhere. Usually mounted across the cars front/back window giving it that badass finish. Owners of these cars can't actually drive them without parental supervision and more than often end up as road accident victims. Can see paired with flame stickers and V6+ stickers.
-see idiot
John thought his car was the shiznit and would get all the girls at school, for he had stuck a Nismo sticker on every side of his car imaginable.
by Gay Sebastian May 05, 2005
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