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5 definitions by inline4

Only decent human to drive a mustang.
Look at punch in that mustang, what a dweeb. Russinater is the only person that looks cool in that stang maing
by inline4 August 24, 2004
Knowledge in all aspects of cars, video games, and the possibilites of modding your ride.
Look at that box on wheels! Damn that thing has the v-tec yo!
by inline4 August 24, 2004
Only man alive to make Forrest Gump look smart. Dumbass cracker bitch that loves intercourse with goats, pigs and somtimes sheep.
Wow, look at that shemal prostitute! Only a PUNCH would hit that from the back.
by inline4 July 20, 2004
Puts Minnesota on the map! Super high alcahol tolerance, and an all around super guy! Also known to dance with ferries, or somthing along those lines...
Look at that 360 modena spider!! Wow, the only human comparison i can think of somthing so cool is, Lunchbox!
by inline4 August 24, 2004
Technically superior blend of design and road holding capabilities known to most as the Skyline. To others it is simply Nissan Motorsports.
Wow, look at that G35 completely stock car destroy everyone on the track. He has the Nismo yo.
by inline4 January 07, 2005