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A term used to call someone a sexy beast.
He is such a nir!

You are a nir
by Tabbyjaffie February 03, 2010
1. A short Israeli who has, among other things, successfully hit a can of tomatoes with a sniper rifle from 2 kilometers, beat up 2 US marines in the 4th grade, a girlfriend whose identity was unconfirmable due to the phone lines being cut by the Palestinians, and discovered diamonds while in Israel. It is also speculated that Nir is a pathological liar.
That's crap, Nir.
by Rob March 31, 2003
A boss who is always mackin on dem bittties. He is always fuckin shit up.
That guy over there is such a Nir. He is always pickin up hoes and crashing parties clubs.
by Mr. Ochocinco February 11, 2010
A hot, trigger happy mother fucker from the israeli army....
dude 1 : who the hell is that running down the block chasing his cat with a gun..

dude 2 : i dont know, but duck hes starting to shoot!

Dude 3 : ohh calm down thats just a "Nir"
by A guy from New york December 23, 2010
A Hebrew name,how do I know this?
I'm Israeli and my name is Nir.
Oh and it means a plowed field in bibalical Hebrew,I know it sucks.
Anat:"Nir,why are you living in Israel if your parents come from Russia?"
Nir:"Because we're Jew,and Israel as a Jew-returning law?"
by Nirkush February 04, 2010
Used as a conclusion to a arguement, discussion, or debate. Variation of 'there'.
I was right. So nir.
by Amy February 01, 2004
a slang word used to convey anger, joy, shock, surprise, or any other emotion that comes to mind.
by Rob March 31, 2003

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