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A Hebrew name,how do I know this?
I'm Israeli and my name is Nir.
Oh and it means a plowed field in bibalical Hebrew,I know it sucks.
Anat:"Nir,why are you living in Israel if your parents come from Russia?"
Nir:"Because we're Jew,and Israel as a Jew-returning law?"
by Nirkush February 04, 2010
I'm writing this as an Israeli...
Sepharadic Jews (Arab Jews) completely ripped their country's style by bringing this bad music taste to Israel,it should've stayed in Yemen/Morroco/Iraq and such,seriously,90% of my school listens to this music,it drives me crazy.
Arab Jew:"yalla,bo neleh lishmoa mizrahit" (C'mon,let's listen to Middle Eastern)
Me:"ledaati zot muzika hasrat taam ve lo tzriha liiyot kayemet" (In my opinion,Middle Eastern music is tasteless,and shouldn't exist)
by Nirkush February 07, 2010

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