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To fondle with a womens breasts to have her nips become hard and firm. Usually as a prelude to sex. Manipulation of the nipples; or, Nipulation in order to highten sexual awareness.
Stop nipulating me, your not getting it tonight; I have a headache!

Honey, I am going to Nipulate you into orgasam...

Nipulation is not a pre-requisit to sex, however, it does make it much more pleasurable for the woman.
by Pete Lanier August 22, 2007
Tricking a girl into sending a nude picture of herself. Most commonly a picture of her breasts.
Damn I can't believe I nipulated her like that. All I told her was she was to scared to send a naked picture and she did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Tha1BigJ June 07, 2010
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