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The ability to be mentally telepathic, however, the realization comes several minutes after the initial thought by the other person.
Person 1: "I am sensing that you are going to go down first street."

Person 2: "Dude, we've been on first street for 10 minutes!"

Person 1: "Aha, My mental telethargy strikes again!"
by edible_freud September 20, 2009
Adj. The condition of having one's nipples showing through clothes. See the image under nipples for an example. The condition may have several causes, the most common being cold temperatures and sexual arousal.
Wow, that teen is extremely nipulent today. It must be cold in here.
by edible_freud June 16, 2013
To take a non-kinky behavior and convert it into something kinky or into a fetish, either by perverting it or by the addition of some practice that is already generally accepted as kinky or fetishistic.
The fetish of '1950s Household' was formed when someone decided to kinkualize an idealized view of the Atomic Household.
by edible_freud September 20, 2009
The strange, swastika-shaped position a writhing body sometimes takes when partially constrained and is either being tickled or attempted to be further restrained and is putting up a fight (all in good humor and consent, of course).
Did you see Deanna at the party the other night? When Jerry handcuffed one of her hands to the bed and started tickling her with that feather duster, she make a human swastika to keep away from it!
by edible_freud November 13, 2009
The ability to be mentally telepathic, while remaining totally ambivalent to what is being detected.
Person 1: "Hmm..."

Person 2: "I know exactly what your thinking but I couldn't give a damn."

Person 1: "Why not?"

Person 2: "Because I have mental telapathy."
by edible_freud September 20, 2009
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