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An easier and more fun way to describe the area around the nipple. Besides, who can ever say areola right?
Sometimes she had to pluck a stray hair from the nippular area and this really annoyed her.
by Patricia April 30, 2003

The state of a mammals' breasts when they enter a cold room or become sexually aroused. Currently being brought to the forefront by certain bra companies who put special padding in their product to hide this completely normal condition. Their tag line being that women need "complete modesty".
"Gee, what a crime people can see I've got nipples, just like the rest of the mammals on the planet earth! I've gone Nippular, deal with it".
by kissmine August 04, 2009
Of or pertaining to the dimension or demeanor of a nipple.
Jack's head was so small it was nippular
by Brandon Fields April 24, 2003
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