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On a female cat, the nippular area is located on the kitty's underside (belly) strictly within the boobal area. The nipples (teats) are easily palpable unless the kitty has been spayed and they've all "dried up".
Come here Nikki, let's rub your boobal area and nippular area too!
by Telephony July 30, 2014
The area in the center of the chesticle recepticle sometimes referred to as the nippulies or the nipps. The nippular area is one of the male species favorite areas of the female body. I do believe that it is also a 1st choice of the vagitarian. When exposed to the cold of the outdoors the chesticle recepticle is now not smoothe but firm and pointed.
Damn! Look at his nippular area! It looks like he is half woman with those damned things!

Awwe yeah... my goodness! Her nippular area is exposed. Hurry! Get a camera!
by mrsmegnolia May 15, 2006

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