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A term to describe very cold weather, so cold it makes your nipples hard.
Its very nipply out.
by Shimmler February 11, 2003
Coldness which makes your nipples stiffen.
It's really nipply today.
by isotoxin October 16, 2004
A description of the degree of coolness of the current air temperature, related to the proportion of hardened nipples in the area.
Brrrr! It's quite nipply out today!
by dragoneyez October 15, 2006
1. To be cold/"happy" enough to have one's nipple's erect.
"Wow it's nipply in here tonight." "Damn it, put those things away before you put some ones eyes out!"
by theluggage September 26, 2004
1. pertaining to nipples 2.covered in nipples
1.breast feeding is a nipply subject. 2.that cows udder is all nipply.
by your_mother's_lover June 01, 2010
1. The temperature at which the nipples become hard outside.(adv.)
That girl might not want to wear a white shirt because it is a wee bit nipply outside.
by Andrew Rice November 03, 2007
1) when it's so cold outside, everybody's nipples start looking like fat bastard's.

2) one way to describe a playboy bunny
1) my gosh winston, it's quite nipply here in london today!!!

2) damn, that chick is most satisfyingly nipply!!!
by blinging chick April 14, 2003
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