A dildo which provides zero enjoyment.
I need to get a man - this nildo aint worth shit.
by benebrius April 12, 2010
A cross between a nigger and a dildo
Guy 1 : "That guy is such a nigger dildo."

Guy 2 : "You mean nildo"
by McLovin23 April 22, 2009
1;really stupid person with no weiner

2;from dildo, where "nil" mean "no or none" and "do" means "weiner" therefore nildo means "no-weiner"

person 1: hi nildo...

person 2 (ie. nildo): hi... wait dont call me that ive got a weiner.

person 1: sure you do...
by DRWD May 04, 2006
short way of combining dildo most names staring with "N" and espescially Nathan, where "dil" means fake and "do" means "weiner" and the "N" is for the name.
Person 1: Hey Nildo (ie. Nathan ect.)
Person 2: (ie. Nathan ect.) I TOLD U TO STOP CALLING ME THAT.
Person 1: (Screams, Blood Splatters On The Wall)

WARNING: Calling "People You Know To Be Killers" Names Is Not A Good Idea
by DRWD May 15, 2006
A nildo is a dildo that comes with balls, but without the penis.
I went out and bought a nildo at the sex toy shop.
by Luizg July 31, 2006

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