Low self-esteem and anger towards oneself, usually expressed in the form of long, single line monolouge. Meant to annoy others to the point of violent retribution
Only a psychiatrist will listen to a Nihilanthic like you.
by VM August 12, 2003
Top Definition
Ass-bite. Uses IRC to find a meaning in life, yet can't find his own dick from a pencil.
What is the meaning of Nihilanthic
by digital1337 August 12, 2003
N. A species native to North Carolina known for bitching endlessly and talking about martial arts among people who don't care.
"I wish that stupid Nihilanthic would go outside and get hit by a car."
by ljhhdslkj August 12, 2003
Can be referred to as an IRC Wraith. Goes chat to chat sucking the fun and goodness out of a great chat and making it horrible and lame and unbearably shitty in his presence. The cure is to remove the wraith from the room. Symptoms should clear up shortly.
"Why's this chat so shitty?" "..Oh god, nihilanthic's here."
by Apple_Fuhrer December 02, 2006
V. To orgasm on demand
Wow, I didn't know you can Nihilanthic whenever you want
by KILLER INSTANT May 04, 2003

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