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Low self-esteem and anger towards oneself, usually expressed in the form of long, single line monolouge. Meant to annoy others to the point of violent retribution
Only a psychiatrist will listen to a Nihilanthic like you.
by VM August 12, 2003
Germany and France. Also see Canada.
by VM January 24, 2003
Let's it all out as greatly as he can. He likes the little girls.
-11:04:38am- <Corrupt> worse thing is, on the bus to school
-11:04:42am- <anti_pop> yeah, I think he just wants to get out and see the sights
-11:04:53am- <anti_pop> Maybe you just just poke it out the side of your pants and give it a view
-11:04:58am- <Corrupt> get off the bus trying to hide me god damn knob
-11:05:27am- <anti_pop> corrupt, what are you doing that for, Thats a perfect chance to rub it up against people without them know it
-11:05:34am- <zodiaz> hah
-11:06:05am- <Corrupt> my bus is full of little grade 8'ers
-11:06:13am- <anti_pop> even better
-11:06:23am- <anti_pop> They are new to the ways of the world
-11:06:25am- <anti_pop> and wont press charges
by VM February 28, 2004

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