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To regret performing an action that can be construed as stereotypical lower-class African American behavior.

To uncharacteristically behave like a nigger, only to later regret it.
I sure nigret rushing to be the first one in line for Fried Chicken at our company picnic.

I nigret drinking that bottle of Malt Liquor before going to see my Parole Officer.

Flonzel woke up in the hospital nigretting the way he acted towards those Police Officers.
by k4jun November 29, 2011
An educated black man, who lives in a nice house, drives a nice car and has a nice job - who regrets leaving behind his ghetto ass ways and ghetto ass life.
Look at that Nigret over there hanging on to his ghetto roots.
by mattson6007 March 25, 2011
Grimy ass, down for it, Crown Royal representing, Want War? family
There's a problem. Where the Nigrets at?
by Lejend the Kid February 02, 2004
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