A popular Finnish metal band that is in desperate need of innovation. Distinct for being popular not only in Europe, but also in the U.S. and other countries across the pond. Known for the poetic lyrics of their frontman, Tuomas Holopainen, and the operatic voice of Tarja Turunen, who has since left (forcibly) due to band drama.

Nightwish seems to want to produce music that is of a more mature grade than what comes to mind when one thinks of "metal," and succeeded, but only at first. After five albums they are still singing about the SAME things and in many cases, using the EXACT SAME words, phrases, and motifs. The ocean soul thing was insightful back in Oceanborn, but four albums later, it starts to feel like Tuomas has fashioned his ocean soul into a metal hammer that he has been swiftly and forcefully smashing against my head for the past four years. Unfortunately my desire to listen to them has been steadily leaking out of the resulting hole in my skull.

Their soft, melodic signature that they started with has been compromised by a vicious repetition of symbology and the overtly elementary singing skills of bassist Marco Hietala, who has since gotten more and more singing parts in recent albums. What began as a borderline revolution in metal has turned into a musical Days of our Lives - stagnant as a quadriplegic's legs, derivative of itself, and giving off a throbbing feeling that you already watched this shit ten years ago.
Fan 1: Poor Nightwish...what's with Marco's voice on Wish I Had an Angel?
Fan 2: His vocal chords were raping his mouth that day, but they had to record then no matter what because Tuomas had just discovered a way to reword the Ocean Soul metaphor to actually sound convincingly new, and he would have lost the idea if they waited a whole day.
Fan 1: Oh.
Fan 2: Well, don't believe everything you read in Rolling Stone.
by Fan 2 November 24, 2007
Top Definition
A Excellent band that doesn't need to act tough and rebellious (see slipknot) and makes the metal industry proud.
Nightwish were great last night

Of course
by Thomson October 16, 2003
A very talented, original, and powerful band. Takes great parts of metal, classical, and opera and fuses them into beautiful music.
Nightwish rocks the house.
by yeah and stuff May 03, 2003
Fuckin' awesome power metal band from Finland. Their singer is a trained opera singer and she's pretty hot, too! Check out www.nightwish.com
No seriously, I'm into Nightwish for the music
by Sexcellent Bickwuck October 23, 2002
A heavy metal band from Finland, and easily one of the goddamned best to have graced the music world. Combining talent, awesome lyrics and kick-ass music into one mind-blowing whole, nobody can play gothic metal like Nightwish can. They don't posturate their music in an over-the-top, "we're evil goths and we love it" attitude that many other metal bands seem to (*cough* Marilyn Manson *cough*), and the Heavy Metal world just wouldn't be complete without them.
Nightwish... Underrated personifications of Melodic metal. It's difficult to praise 'em too much... they flat out kick ass. What's Metallica doing at the top of the charts, anyway?
by Alhadis November 24, 2004
One of the best bands ever...some uneducated nobs say there just a evanescence rip off bollocks ...Nigthwish came out way before evanescence....ive got nothing against evanescence though, im a fan of there music.
The Riddler
Slaying The Dreamer
Over The Hills And Far Away
She is My Sin ....all quality Nightwish songs
by Mr Sinister November 12, 2004
One of the greatest bands in the world, featuring one of the greatest singers in the world, Tarja Turunen. They prove that you don't have to use the word "pain" in every other song in order to write lyrics, that girl singers (and rock singers in general) do not have to whine, and that talented musicians can and do show off their skill playing in metal bands. Oh, and they also used the same orchestra from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack on their album "Once".
Nightwish are what Evanescence only wishes they could be.
by Idont Havaname March 10, 2005
Unlike the negative definitions sent in under the word look up of 'Metal', Nightwish isn't about "someone being tortured and beaten, and the sound of people stomping on small animals."

They combined something unique. Symphonic, classical music and opera combined with parts of power metal.

Okay, so the "Ocean soul" part has been overdone a bit, and so is the sea motif put in almost every song. But Nightwish is still a good band. That's just Tuomas thinks. His thoughts are in a "Sea of Thoughts", and writes them down and turns it into a song.
Maybe Tuomas should think more than just the ocean?
by Cyndane March 04, 2005

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