A wonderful Finnish band. And no, I'm no HIM/Rasmus-loving teeny. I know good music, and Nightwish is good music.
Random Guy: Nightwish suck ass, only HIM/Rasmus loving teenies like them.
Me: I'm no teeny. And I like them.
RG: ...damn...
#nightwish #century #child #ocean #soul
by Hayley October 14, 2005
An pretty good band from Finland. They aren't my favorite band ever, but they are still a pretty good band. Plays catchy melodic goth/power metal and made one of the best Metal albums ever, Century Child.

Me: Linkin Park aren't metal. They are pop-rock with a very slight metal influence. Nightwish is one of the best metal bands out there, shithead.
by DJ-BILLZ July 06, 2005
Awesome Finnish metal band, who now has a new singer, Anette Olzon. Sure she aint opera but she is awesome, so Nightwish lives on.
I really wanted to go see Nightwish =,(
#nightwish #metal #finland #awesome #symphonic metal
by Scott2008 December 27, 2007
1. An amazing symphonic/power metal band from Finnland, combining female vocals and amazing lyrics to form the ultimate awsomeness in music

2. a verb. to decorate something with Nightwish or the like. usually done by crazy fanboys or fangirls that are either very bored, truly fanatical, or have had too much red bull
1. Let's go to the Nightwish concert!

2. Come over and see how I Nighwished my bedroom wall!
#nightwish #decorate #band #metal #power #symphonic #tarja #tuomas #emppu #jukka #marco #anette
by TheEscapist July 13, 2008
symphonic metal band from Finland. Nightwish is more then a metal culture, it's also very well made music which combines elements of classical and metal and opera singing. The first singer Tarja Turunen was a trained opera singer and now she is kicked out from the band. The new singer is Anette Olzon - she is average singer and (in my opinion) not as good as Tarja but their music is always worth hearing with Tarja or without her. The composer of most songs is keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen

This band is so much more they music itself - it's just delightful.
Nightwish - Siren

A lady with a violin,
Playing to the seas
Hearken to the sound of calling

Who tied my hands to the wheel?
The Zodiac turns over me!
Come to me...
Somewhere there my fate revealed...
I hear but how will I see?

I tied myself to the wheel
The winds talk to my sails, not me
Come to me...
Somewhere there my fate revealed...
I hear but how will I see?
#nightwish #tarja turunen #tuomas holopainen #anette #metal
by Dyanna Zi October 02, 2010
A symphonic/power metal band which creates one of the greatest music of our generation. It combines classical music with power metal, strong vocals full of emotion and beautiful poetic lyrics. Their songs usually have an epic feel about them.
Some people may find them cheesy because sadly nowdays having feelings means you're pathetic.
Nightwish is the music for people who are not afraid and/or ashamed of sometimes dreaming the world away.
It's beautiful music for beautiful souls.
#nightwish #metal #power metal #heavy metal #symphonic metal #rock #fantasy
by dorotheea September 17, 2007
A great symphonic metal band, alas doomed to falure after Tarja Turunen's quittal.

Don't get me wrong, the other players are really good musicians, and had it been any other band (especially with a male singer) they could have lived on with a replacement, but Tarja, in large part due to her being a quite good looking female and having a quite unique voice in the metal arena, was literaly the face and signature of Nightwish, carrying Nightwish's public profile higher than everyone else put together. Without her, the others are a bunch of great musicians, but they are not Nightwish anymore.
Q: What do you get when you separate Nightwish and Tarja?
A: Tarja.
#metal #symphonic metal #tarja turunen #melodic metal #power metal
by Elvarg June 04, 2006
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