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The worst band in the world, with an equally sucky vocalist who tries to sing opera, but truly can't. Nightwish is a picture-child for all that's wrong with the music industry.
Kid 1: Let's listen to Nightwish!
Kid 2: No, man, they suck, big, hairy, donkey balls.
Kid 3: Dude, they really do. That cunt can't sing.
Kid 2: Let's burn his Nightwish CDs and rid the world of his horrible, horrible music collection.
by Nightwish SUCKS April 07, 2006
A band from Finland that plays metal. Cheesy with an opera-like singer, call thier fans Oceansouls or some shite.
Person 1: Hey listen to Nightwish
Person 2: I like my cheese in sandwiches
by Jim mc C February 11, 2005
A really shitty "pwoer mteal" band from Finland that little cocky teenaged pricks discover from the shitty forum known as habboforum.
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by Blahb April 22, 2005