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A Excellent band that doesn't need to act tough and rebellious (see slipknot) and makes the metal industry proud.
Nightwish were great last night

Of course
by Thomson October 16, 2003
Not to be confused with a grunger's view of Goth
A goth likes any kind of music including Techno, real goths dont say they are indivudual or try to be part of the crowd(see the crap punk defination of Goth)
by Thomson October 16, 2003
A overated movie that creates the illusion its for smart people who think that just because it has a talking rabbit and time travel that it is complicated, its just another angsty teen movie thats shows how stupid this generation and their lack of ability to pay attention.
Guy 1 : I didn't like Donnie Darko, not a good film
Guy 2 : OMG u didn't like it becuz you did not understand it!
by Thomson July 28, 2004

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