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The art of crawling at 4am, blacked-out drunk, through a sea of drunk passed out people.
Ey bruh Last night i went to a fat func in ECM and woke up at 4am and went nightcrawling through hella passed out fools in da livinroom.
by ECMiswhatsgooduareadynodo December 04, 2009
1.v. The act of walking at night.
Person 1: Dude. It's 3 A.M. What the hell is that guy doing out?
Person 2: He's Nightcrawling. Don't you know he's nocturnal?
by SeVox January 15, 2006
The act of driving around at night, with the lights off. Usually done in a slow manner and in a residential area.
I seen them fools nightecrawlin by my house, i think they were about to cap a nigga.
by Blevin Ridaz May 15, 2005
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