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It's what it sounds like. It's a game where you crawl around like worms in the night. It's good for when you want to make memories with your friends.
When was the last time we played nightcrawlers?
by one2ohmygod October 20, 2009
Chillin. Hangin. Straight kickin it or cold lampin. Laying low and staying cool. Originally a line from Putney Swope, the literal meaning is to be sitting in a Cutlass Supreme.
"Where you at, mang?"
"Layin in the cut."
by one2ohmygod April 30, 2010
An scene slut or emo skank.
"Hey, have you seen Travis? He left his trucker hat in the pit."
"Yeah, I saw him leave the show with some hoodie rat."
"High five!"
by one2ohmygod July 04, 2009
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