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To be close to, near, almost.
Repent the end is extremely nigh.
by Kenneth Boston November 16, 2004
(Slang) -pronounced-

He'd gone to the stadium last nigh , the nigh before his mom's funeral
by Kage Maro 2008 March 03, 2015
In New Jersey, stoners say nigh to each other as a getting to see weather or not the person is high or if the person gets high

How to say Nigh-"nI"(like saing high with and n)
Nigh sir, dude are u blazed?
by dyrdc July 24, 2008
A zombie like monster that people often encounter in dreams.
The nighs are coming! Run dream people!
by the_group_dictionary February 04, 2008
To be near, almost. Nigh impossible mean almost impossible or near impossible.
Sometimes it is nigh impossible for a person to convince a proud parent that their beloved offspring was a complete idiot.
by qjglz;lksdfjlkjqsquiggly March 08, 2016
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