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Originates from Nigg, Nigglus, the Latin derivation of the term "nigger." Means "a black person who enjoys practical jokes or riddles."
"Batman, I gots to ax you a question."

"Holy strawberries Batman! We're in a jam! It's The Niggler!"
by 8thPeriodDebate March 04, 2005
A person who bitches about stupid details (and a way to get away with saying nigger)
Stop bitching you stupid niggler
by Manny Galitskiy January 31, 2005
African American (black) burglar.
A niggler broke into my house and stole my socks.
by JerryErry March 25, 2007
A tall, skinny colored man.
"That niggler is quite the tall one!"
"The niggler is so damn tall!"
by FRANKKKKKKKKKK October 12, 2005
Come clean my screen niggler.
by Jo Momma February 15, 2005