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When a black person gets punched in the eye it will become black. Making them darker. Thusly Niggerer.
"Hey Ross if this black fella keeps messing with me Im for sure gonna make him niggerer."
by Jeffrey The Great July 09, 2006
To be a Nigger-er....the definition of nigger-er comes from a young man who got really bored and wanted to cuss his buddys in a different way....The expression means Stupid, dumb, gay(no offence), waste loser overall it means when an elogical african male who is your friends conducts in stupendous activities...It has two meanings you can also use it to greet your friends....

1. why you being a fuckin nigger-er

2. wag1 nigger-er (when someone says that to you...you reply eddie) ok scenario.....man walkin down the street....nigger-er.....eddie... he gets what you mean
by some sexy bredda who sings lol September 29, 2006