Originating from the Greco-Roman “nigger,” and the Latin-based “faggot.”


Original pronunciation: NIGGERFAGGOT!
"Get that Niggerfaggot out of here!"
by Niggerfaggot October 31, 2006
-One of the worst insults known to man.
- Someone who is or is simultaneously acting like a nigger and a faggot.

synonyms- pineapple
Get that niggerfaggot out of here!
by N1GG3RFAGG0+ January 03, 2010
easy to spell mentally, but awkward to spell out loud.

Originating from "Spelling Bee," a skit by the online sketch group Derrick Comedy.
Official: Your word... is "niggerfaggot."
Contestant #1: N... i... g--I, I can't do this--
Official: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, that's incorrect. You're disqualified.
by LDM August 25, 2007
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno is such a dumb nigger and a dick loving faggot. Therefore, he is a niggerfaggot.
by borderx213 November 29, 2011
1.A black person who is a faggot.
2.Someone Nobody wants around.
Contestant: Can I have a definition?
Judge: NiggerFaggot.
Contestant: Really?
Judge: No. Not really.

by NAGGARFAGGAT September 20, 2008
Definition: Niggerfaggot

Country of origin: Originating from the Greco Roman, "nigger" and the Latin based, "faggot".

Synonym: Pineapple (No, not really, Not at all.)

Original pronunciation: ni-gər-fa-gət!
Get that niggerfaggot out of here!
by NongWrame June 15, 2011
Originating from the grego-Roman faggot and the Latin based nigger
get dat,nigger FAGGOT outta here!
by DerpMcNuggetsOrSwagDankAndMlg March 03, 2016
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