Adj: Niggerfaggot.
Definition: Niggerfaggot

Country of origin: Originates from the Greco-Roman "nigger" and the Latin-based "faggot".

Synonym(s): pineapple.
Get that niggerfaggot out of here!
by Hambridge Nation Spelling Bee December 07, 2011
Pineapple. The definition is, niggerfaggot.

Original Pronunciation: Niggurfaggit!
In Original context: Get that Niggerfaggot out of here!!
Origin: From the Greco-roman Nigger and the Latin based faggot.
If you like Niggerfaggotcoladas....

Look at that Niggerfaggot, he sure is a Niggerfaggot.
by nigrafaggit2 July 15, 2009
a black american greaseball gay person whop prefers the oppisite sex
the word is also NIGGERFAGGOT!
by jero2006 March 05, 2009
1.A black person who is a faggot.
2.Someone Nobody wants around.
Contestant: Can I have a definition?
Judge: NiggerFaggot.
Contestant: Really?
Judge: No. Not really.

by NAGGARFAGGAT September 20, 2008
you sir are a niggerfaggot.
by Jewsh September 21, 2009
Also known as peter tosh, or close relative of. Nigger: That bieng the term for a stinky person, and Faggot: A loose butthole on both Petertosh, Peterstosh's Mom, and or closet relative.
Peter Tosh's moms pussy is as loose as a Niggerfaggots butthole.
by George Bush Sr. March 07, 2008
(noun) - A colloquial term for someone of supreme douchebaggyness. It is more severe than referring to someone as just a nigger or just a faggot.
Matt: You're a Nigger Faggot!

AJ: Im the NigFag? But you chucked my phone in the pool.

Matt: Yea, well you deserved it, you Nigger Faggot!
by LayWood June 04, 2009

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