a greasy, fat nigger, who enjoys sex with large consumptions of men (both white and black, occationally asian).
I walked in on my dad having sex with a niggerfaggot.

Shameka broke up with Rondell because she found out he was a niggerfaggot.
by sgdakjf September 14, 2006
A term used to insult someone that combines 2 extremely offensive words to make one even more offensive one. This effectively creates one of the most offensive terms in the english language. It is commonly used towards a person who is neither a nigger nor a faggot, but one whom is so lame that they may as well be both.
guy 1: I'm not gonna let u smoke any of this shit here.
guy 2: Dude, You're a fuckin' niggerfaggot jew.
by Peetstaman December 01, 2007
A combination of 2 types of people that nobody wants to be. A Nigger and a Faggot. Put them together and u have a good insult
God, dude ur such a fucking nigger faggot
by TheDonRoberts June 15, 2009

Originating from the Greco-Roman “nigger,” and the Latin-based “faggot.”


Original pronunciation: NIGGERFAGGOT!
"Get that Niggerfaggot out of here!"
by Niggerfaggot October 31, 2006
A Homosexual African American who smells worse than most because he likes poop sex. Most Niggers are Faggots just go to a jail and see for yourself they niggers fuck each other all day and all night there.
1.Jimbo: WTF look is that a Nigger Faggot

Bob: Yes lets get the fuck away from that NiggerFaggot piece a shit he might have A.I.D.S


2.) niggerfaggot' s smell like sewage unlike a straight nigger which smell foul as well niggerfaggot is the bottom of the barrel or toilet in this case
by SmellyCoonsYukaDOo March 19, 2013
easy to spell mentally, but awkward to spell out loud.

Originating from "Spelling Bee," a skit by the online sketch group Derrick Comedy.
Official: Your word... is "niggerfaggot."
Contestant #1: N... i... g--I, I can't do this--
Official: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, that's incorrect. You're disqualified.
by LDM August 25, 2007
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno is such a dumb nigger and a dick loving faggot. Therefore, he is a niggerfaggot.
by borderx213 November 29, 2011

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