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one who is emo and/or listens to emo music, and frequently participates in various outdoor winter sports, such as snowboarding.
My friend spends all his time skiing and listening to Dashboard Confessional. He's such an eskemo.
by LDM October 12, 2005
easy to spell mentally, but awkward to spell out loud.

Originating from "Spelling Bee," a skit by the online sketch group Derrick Comedy.
Official: Your word... is "niggerfaggot."
Contestant #1: N... i... g--I, I can't do this--
Official: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, that's incorrect. You're disqualified.
by LDM August 25, 2007
One that attends New Jersey wars with a certain pride that no one else can achieve. Also known as "The Nuts", this word derives from the Antarctican word "Eftut" meaning "sexual predator."
Leftnut was dreaming that he was buying a NIB SuperMAXX 500.
by LDM October 22, 2004

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